Artist Statement

I’m a photographer and avid explorer who finds inspiration in the everyday world around me. With camera in hand, I’m on a journey in search of capturing that one moment that would otherwise go unnoticed. Often, that moment is spontaneous, unplanned, and gone forever, unless preserved in a picture.

My work spans many genres of photography; nature, macro, fine art, photojournalism and street photography. I put a lot of effort into making each picture unique and personal. Using light, shadow, texture and contrast, my aim is to guide the viewer’s focus and set the mood. I hope to evoke that same emotion I felt when I took the picture.

Photography is my passion; from capturing that special moment to making it uniquely mine. I find great joy in sharing my journey and art with others. 



Inge is a Danish-American photographer, born and raised in Denmark but now lives in Oklahoma, USA. She has been recognized locally as well as internationally for her photography. Her pictures have been exhibited in various galleries across the USA. She has contributed articles and photos to numerous publications and has also judged several international photo competitions. 


Photographic Distinctions: EPSA, EFIAP